good methods in learning guysss

guysssss are you still confusing think about your methods in learningg , here my several methods ……………. check it out !!!

Preview and go through a new lesson before class.

Pay attention to what is said in class and take mental and written notes.
Whenever you take notes, you should not only use your hands but also use your brain; you should keep yourself brainstorming.

Ask questions.
 This is most basic way to learn. Do not be ashamed or afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid questions. As the saying goes “Those who ask may be a fool for 5 minutes, but those who don’t will be a fool forever.”

Review what you learned after class.
 If necessary, work at it until you know the required work by heart.
Underline sections of your notes or portions of your text that you don’t understand well so you can raise your problems and discuss them with your classmates and teachers in class.
Make use of resources online, finding what you need to replenish and reinforce your learning and make real world connections with your courses.
Do the homework your teacher assigns and turn in on time.

Lead a healthy lifestyle.
 Have good sleeping habits and eat vegetables and fruits as often as possible. This way, you can be in shape and have more energy to learn.

Put what you learned into real life practice.
 It’s not only the most important part but also continues the process of learning.


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