When someone mention “ SMAN SUMSEL”
Here is several things that there is in my mind…………
Check it out
SMAN SUMSEL is international school,the place where we can find out education. Education in here is more different than other school. This school well known by speaking english environment. SMANSS is one of wonderfull school in South Sumatera even in Indonesia


See above picture

Woooww TNI guys


PRATA ,”full of mud but it was fun”

In here we need to know the meaningfull of family, just say it “ jiwa korsa”. Talking about jiwa korsa we have leadership and solo camp lohh…….. once more is prata. In these camps teach us to increasing the bonding each other..

SMAN SUMSEL provides the students the best facilities that seldom you can find out in other school. The classroom full of AC sometimes we study by using projector, this school have 3 large fields and large new building, when the first time I came here I was amazed by this school. My beloved school is located in Jl. Pangeran Ratu, Jakabaring, Seberang Ulu I, Sumatera Selatan. We got scholarship from the government. Many events was conducted here. Almost forget we are living in dormitory guyss. So many things that I want to share about SMAN SUMSEL but I can’t express it with my words because it’s too great
This is our inauguration guysss “ haiii 7th intake”


“I am so proud being one of students here , it so many goals that I really want to achieve , parents is the main reason why I COULD BE HERE .”’


“A chance is rarely come twice so use it wisely”

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