Right now almost all Indonesian students are taking mid-term exams, from grades 1 to 12. They are being tested on their ability to memorize materials presented to them via rote learning, with little interaction, little individual attention and in essence being neglected as human beings.

Indonesia needs to teach children how to think, not what to think, and how to memorize stuff. The school system needs to teach critical thinking skills, inquiry and how to find answers. Stop focusing on exams and focus on the individuality of students, encourage and foster their strengths and weaknesses.

Do schools in Indonesia recognize individual students as unique members of society or just people behind desks to be subjected to memorizing government-dictated material with no chance to ask ‘€œwhy’€?

Why is violence high in schools and prisons? It’€™s not the discipline or lack thereof, it is the stripping of one’€™s individuality and the negligence of educators to acknowledge the unique attributes of each child.


Many schools do attempt to foster inquiry and critical thinking skills, but most are private schools with students from economically advantaged families, whereas national schools tend to neglect the essence of individuality and uniqueness of the student.

Education is not ‘€œone size fits all’€, it is the process of taking a human and providing them with the ability to become someone. Indonesia has a ways to go in education to ensure a brighter future, not only for students but for the country and beyond.

Like Nelson Mandela said …….


How Albert Einstein’s statement !!!


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